DSC00604SIMONA (Yeah I know she has my name… It hasn’t been my choice though)

Simona is a 10 years old little pooch. An animal welfare organization put her in my hands because she was quickly losing weight and a loving home seemed a solution to help her. She arrived by the middle of May weighting 9 out of the 15 kilos of her normal weight. She was very very weak and affected by a severe intestinal infection that didn’t allowed her to assimilate food. Every bite was immediately rejected by the anus or by the mouth.

In less than two months, Simona gained around two kilos and she doesn’t vomit anymore thanks to a specific feeding:  she eats 3 cans a day of Intestinal food and has to assume some pills to relief the stomach and the liver and some probiotics.  She also has a bad otitis that I cure with specific ears wash.

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When I saw Rio’s picture on my heart bumped. He has probably been abandoned because old and blind, no more useful for hunting. He was living in a shelter near Turin where he slept all day long in his cage. After a while I could adopt him and now he runs happy in my garden where he likes to rest under a tree. He grew really fat and he’s full of energy.

Rio eats around 800 gr of meat a day with cereal and rice soup. He has to take a specific pill once a month.

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Pista was the fastest cat I’ve ever seen since a car ran over him paralyzing his back legs. But Pista has a strong temper and now he’s doing great. His tail has been cut to wear his diaper more comfortably and he uses his front legs to walk. Actually he’s really big in the upper side and he still runs really fast. In summer, during the day, he amuses himself on the pavement of the house or in the garden; in winter he enjoys his very private basket.

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A friend of a friend gave Tipper to me when he was 2. Life in an apartment was stifling for a lively cat like him, so he destroyed everything he could to let his “mum” know. Now he has found his perfect dimension. In the beginning he was very shy but then he became the boss of the band. He literally stole my food from the table when I was eating. Unfortunately a car ran over him as well and, like his “bro” Pista, we cut his tail to let him wear the diaper. Tipper is not completely ok yet but he’s getting better.

 Tipper eats 1 and a half URINARY food bag and steals food from his friends.

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Minestra has been found on a cold night more than 5 years ago in a cabbage field close to a river. He smelled so much of cabbage that I decided to call him Minestra (Soup). He’s the shiest and the most submissive cat of the world, the one who’s always scared and hides from the others. His tail has been torn away in a fight with another cat. Minestra only eats tuna fish, salmon or veggie food added with taurine because of his many food intolerances.

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An afternoon my boyfriend saw this kitty crying like an eagle at the corner of a street. When I arrived after one hour from his call, the kitten was still there and still crying. He had a very bad left eye infection while the right one was completely missing. But Prezzemolo has always been really strong and, after a couple of days resting on my bed, he was completely recovered. Sooner he’ll be neutered so…

Last night Aug 28th 2009 at 1.20 am Prezzemolo has been killed by a car that flashed past my house at 250 mph!!! The driver didn’t even tried to push the brake and run away not worrying about what he/she had done. Prezzemolo is istantly dead.



Minestra’s cousin, Dougy is named like this because of his fat around his stomach. He has a bad teeth infection, for this reason he can eat only meat. No biscuits. He’s really fun because his teeth are almost covered by his gums and his tongue is always between his lips… he looks like he’s always having fun at you.

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THE REST OF THE GANG (Filo, Flo, Magoo, Buio, Piuma, Pirola, Mi, Panda)

Luckily they are in good health. They just need their daily meal, a dry place where they can rest… they need to play, to be taken care of and to feel safe.

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Bigari modaBIGARI

It was love at first sight when we met. He was walking in the middle of a street at 3 am in the morning where he was trying to avoid cars and trucks . I stopped the car immediately and the cutie pie jumped right away into the car nuzzling in my friend’s lap. He was undernourished, full of ticks and had no tag on him. In a week he became Bigari Stefani and we have always been together since then. He was with me when I played my bass at my first and only concert, we hang around at parties, he comes with me to IKEA, we sleep together (with 4/5 cats) but most of all it’s because of him that I met the love of my life. Bigari is a smooth operator, he looks little and helpless but if you leave him among his friends he becomes the king of the night. He’s smart and fine to everyone, but there are rumors about him… that he runs a gambling house when I’m at work, that he gives personal style advices to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, but there’s no evidence for that. His walking is a sort of “bigarish” walking that we don’t know where it comes from… Sure is that he is unique and I’m sure I couldn’t live without him.

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