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Yes Saturday: #2

We’ve raised 674€. What’s this for?

audienceWhoooooooooaaaaaa. Here I am back from my second “Yes Saturday”. I just want you to know that I came home Sunday morning at 6 o’clock!!! For those who don’t know what the “Yes Saturday” experiment is, please read my last post. So what happened? I went to see my friends VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM in concert, the Italian cover band for System of a Down. The concert took place in Grantorto near Padua at the LAKEJUMP FESTIVAL, actually I thought it was a diving contest but…

I leave home at 8 pm just to be there in time to say hi to everybody. I drive for about one hour and get to the festival. I park the car and walk for 5 minutes among sand and stones in the dark to reach the place. I hear music and voices coming from somewhere in front of me but I don’t hear clearly. I get there and I see that it’s not really a diving contest, but something like a skate contest… I believe. I run behind the stage to greet my friends and many hugs and kisses because it’s more than three years we don’t see each other! They tell me they’re going to play at 1 am because there are three bands. At 1??? In Italy? The country where everything mist be shut down before 2? I can’t believe it. I want to see the contest and I realize it’s not a skate contest, but a snowboard and ski one. What? In July? That’s incredible.

At 11 pm the concert finally start. First to play are MORE THAN MURDER, a Nu Metal band. Great. Really good. Nice scenic presence, ability to stay on stage, and great musicians. Than it’s MR BIZARRO turn, a revelation to me. The band look is really low pitch, it seems like the bass player just came from the beach and the singer is really a cliché: fishnet stockings, purple ripped dress, army boots. But she’s a tiger!!! She sings, screams, shakes, modulate her voice like PJ Harvey and Juliette Lewis of Juliette and the Licks. I think they’re a sort of Italian Paramore because she must be 18. But she’s actually 30! In a minute she jumps off the stage with a katana in her hands and she challenges us like the best Black Mamba. Then the fire-eaters are among us with torch and fire balls. Musicians play it hard, music is intense and overpowering, the singer’s voice amazing! A show I won’t forget soon.

Finally Victims are on stage. Germane, the bassplayer, wears a black mask, the guys are righteously cool and Massimo della Pena from TONIO SCATIGNA E LA GATTA DA PELARE plays with them for the first time. A complete mess, everyone does the pogo dance, a thick dust raises under tens of feet. Energy is palpable in the air. I see everything… a girl drinks Jagermeister directly from the bottle, another guy walks with a huge bottle of wine in his hands. Everything goes smoothly, no disorder, no beef, no troubles… we are all friends and they’re all happily tipsy. Bravo to the organizers that gave what they earned in charity.

The concert is over and I’m sure people will go away soon but… the party goes on till the morning after with several dj set, new people that come and go and the place is completely packed. At 4.30 I head towards home and at 6 o’ clock I collapse on the bed.

Yes! Yes Saturday again and again. It was more than three years I didn’t see dawn and I missed it soooo much! And I learnt also that even though my way of living and having fun may seem childish or inappropriate for my age what I am able to answer right now is… who cares ROCK AND ROLL NEVER DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!


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Yes Saturday: #1

Funds raised: 504€. What’s this for?

tempoHave you ever said “yes” to everything that came across? Have you ever grabbed every single chance life had to give you? Well I’ve never. I’m the kind of person that has to have everything organized before making a step. I have to be sure that if something goes wrong the parachute will surely and without any doubt, open. For this reason my life is terrible. It’s a complete mess. I try to get everything fixed, to doublecheck every single detail, but something always, ALWAYS goes in the wrong place… and I don’t have the flexibility to accept it. And my life got worse when I moved to this house in the country… In the middle of nowhere, on my own, without neighbors during the winter, in an old house I restored. I would have really spent less money if I bought it completely new… if this has to be the starting of a new day… wow… how lucky!!!

Last Saturday I watched “YesMan” with Jim Carrey. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s the story of a man who tries to avoid suffering by getting rid of others. He doesn’t answer the phone or returns calls, he stays away from his friends and he has a job he hates. Suddenly he met an old friend of his who invites him to a meeting where he swears he’ll say YES to EVERYTHING… and his life changes.

This movie really made me think on how I feel trapped in this spleen-cynical-mistrusty circle. Am I also trying to expel life from me? The answer is not easy: I do not trust people, more often I’m scared not to honor my responsibilities and more-more often I’m disappointed by the goals I have and haven’t reached in my life. Luckily (or maybe unfortunately) I’m not totally involved in the “maudit” mood, so I’m not thinking about committing suicide or stuff like that; I just wait for the days to pass. But… if life has a very little meaning, and it’s destined to a sure end, I could live it in a more adventurous way, couldn’t I? (I guess this is called instinct of self-preservation. So I decided to take this challenge I saw in the movie! But with some changes: I’m starting with one YESDAY a week (Saturday) and I’ll say yes to everything except for:

1.      I’m not saying yes to abuse/torture/killing another human and non human being

2.      I won’t eat any meat or fish or dairy

3.      I’m not going bankrupt for this experiment

4.      I won’t offer any sexual “anything”

5.      Every Saturday will be my YESDAY and here’s what happened on the first day of my experiment…

Some friends of mine and I met in a nice bar in Monselice, but first I got lost in a very small town nearby. We were hanging out fine but then some not so funny anecdotes came out that upset the person with me. We went away in a very bad mood, so my first YESDAY (or, better, my first YESHALFADAYDAY) hasn’t been a very nice experience, but I learnt that:

  • In movies reality is NEVER real. Life is always bigger, better,  faster and more interesting than what it really is.
  • It’s really easier to experiment when you’re single

I don’t want to give up so fast, but is it true that life changes for the best if we accept everything? How about you? Are you stuck in something that you don’t like or that you don’t want to be stuck into and your only wish is to run away? Is it true that, as a friend of mine told me, when we say “yes” we unconsciously accept life? Let me know your opinion, I’m curious… as always.


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