UPDATE Sep. 3rd 2009

The Vet project was born to follow my ability to live a new life trying to enter the Veterinary University in Pauda. But experiments don’t always succeed. The present economic situation prevents me from living the university life style full time so the project is temporarily put aside. 

But not the blog that is still alive and kicking and it will talk about alternative life styles in the respect for the Nature and of animal activism/advocacy with a special “how to do” twist.

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I’ve learnt from a personal on-line research that the vast majority of the bloggers that can live doing what they want is Anglo-Saxon: the nomad family travelling all over the world, the father who takes care of his wife and six kids, the couple that live each month in a different town in US, the guy who wants to visit every country in the world.

The net is packed by people that pursue their dreams. People who quitted their jobs and their uncomfortable careers to take a leap in the dark. Moreover the need to reinvent ourselves is constantly knocking at our door in these years of financial and economic crisis.

The Chinese translation for “crisis” has two meanings and one is “chance”.

But… are Italians able to reinvent themselves? I mean an Italian who’s not an actor or a football player or a spoilt brat? Can years and years of belief on the safe job place, be flushed away by a new way of thinking and perceiving life? But mainly… is it possible to change your life when you’re over 30?



A friend of mine told me that when you’re over 30 you can give yourself over to your passions. In the first one-third of one’s life one is devoted to experience, but then, after that, we have the chance to re-edit and realize all our experiences.

In September 2009 I’ll try to enter the Veterinary faculty in Padua, and from that moment on, I’ll follow my dream and reinvent my life trying to:

  • Respect the Nature
  • Respect myself
  • Share useful advices with who would like to follow a similar path

I’m 36 years old, I’ve a mortgage, I live with 4 dogs and 12 11 cats and I have a boyfriend whom I share my life with but if (as all the bloggers say) determination is everything, the question is: will I make it?

Follow me and support me in my experiment

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Since I left Milan, my hometown in Italy, 8 years ago to live in the countryside near Rovigo, my relationship with Nature changed a lot. Parks in Milan were an annoying break in my life and animals were only food and “something” that soiled sidewalks. But my feelings towards them deeply changed since I moved here.

I first appreciated cats and I learnt from them the consciousness that there are no first class and second class animals. I learnt that all “beings” have feelings and share the same fear for what can happen. I became vegetarian and then vegan soon after. But I wanted to do more. I wanted the other people to understand what Henry Beston brilliantly summarized in “The Outermost House”:

“They (the animals) are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.”

I became an animal advocate and started volunteering for some Italian organizations and then working for PETA for a too short period of time, but my willing to save more and more animals is strong. That’s the reason why “the Vet Project” was born.